Wholesale Vacuum Formed Pan Faces

Vacuum Formed Pan Faces are not all created equal.  Art-Works uses Acrysteel high impact modified acrylic.  It is known for its whiteness, high impact strength and not yellowing after time.  There are other types of materials out there that do not hold up to the test of time.  One piece faces up to 8’ x 16’, standard and custom shapes.  Back spray painting is a proven method to decorate a face.  Our journeyman painter has this skill mastered and enjoys doing it.  We also offer formed and embossed faces with thermo formed vinyl.  High quality translucent vinyl is applied to the plastic before it is formed.  This is used mostly on darker colors to create perfect illumination, where back spray is not recommended.  Formed round convex faces, or domes, have been the latest types of custom face that has been very popular.

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