Wholesale Channel Letters

To keep up with high demand, Art-Works has computerized CNC routing machines along with automated channel letter equipment. This enables us to be very competitive and offer faster than average turnaround times. Also by having journeyman channel letter fabricators, we can create large custom channel letters with welded returns, aluminum retainers and custom raceways.  We offer all types of illumination, such as LED’s Neon and Fluorescent Lamps. Being involved with LED’s since they were introduced to the sign industry, we have extensive experience with all aspects of the LED illumination process.  Knowing which LED’s are to be used with each application is very important to brightness, color intensity and most important, the life of the LED’s themselves. Using the wrong Led product can create big problems for you and your customer. Besides being U.L. approved, our letters come fully assembled and include mounting pattern, all wiring and electrical boxes needed for install.

INSTALLATION NOW AVAILABLE – Ask about our sister company Coastal Sign Installation. Fully insured and licensed to pull permits and install your signage in Florida. To help serve you better, visit them today at coastalsign.com.